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Introducing Powerball® battery storage systems to Scandinavia

Swiss Powerball-Systems AG and ReNuTec Solutions AB have entered into a cooperation agreement where ReNuTec Solutions will represent the Powerball® product line-up in Scandinavia.

Get even more out of your PV/ Solar system or Wind Turbine, if it’s your residental home system, your business commercial system or large public MW sized Wind Mill park or Solar/ PV plant.


Grid connected or island system – having a battery system makes more sense, better usage and economy out of your energy producing system.

Flexible battery systems adapt to your needs and have the following advantages:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Quick installation
  • Completely maintenance free
  • High fire safety compared to other technologies
  • Scalable from private use to industrial scale (capacity and power)
  • Storage capacity scalable from 3,5 kWh upwards (MWh)
  • Power scalable from 750 W to modules 3 x 3.500 W (stackable – MW sized)
  • System can be expandedeven years after installation
  • Temperature resistant even below zero
  • Energy efficiency 97% – 99 %
  • Quality Swiss product


The storage system of Powerball® Systems provided by ReNuTec Solutions is the perfect solution for small wind power plants, new and existing Photovoltaic plants, hydropower and your own energy production system. Flexible, reliable and sustainable like the energy from renweable energy plants. You do not have to adapt to your Powerball, a Powerball System storage adapts to your needs. The storage capacity can be adjusted between 3,5-96 kWh depending on your demand and can be extended anytime – even after years. You always get a complete system with storage cells, charge controller, and inverter at a price which ensures profitablity of the system.

Should you need larger storage solutions, the modules can be stacked into containers – adapted to your specific project.

Powerball Systems presents new lithium-ion model series

More information to come, stay tuned and please do contact ReNuTec Solutions: info[att]

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