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Our vision reflects our values and goals, built on

Safety, Quality, Performance and Sustainability

“Working together for a safer world”

-Lloyd’s Register

ReNuTec Solutions and Lloyd’s Register Consulting – Energy have entered into a cooperation agreement giving access to our respective services both ways, depending on the actual client need within your specific project. These options are presented to give you as a client maximum flexibility, in order to find the best arrangement adapted to your specific needs and requirements

The cooperation agreement between ReNuTec Solutions and LR enable us to offerReNuTec Solutions vs. LR

2 different options to best suit your specific needs depending on your project requirements you may hire ReNuTec Solutions’ services directly, or in cooperation with Lloyd’s Register as the contracting partner towards your company. ReNuTec Solutions will then act as a subcontractor to LR through our cooperation agreement

If you select starting out with ReNuTec Solutions directly, we also have the flexibility to take on board resources from LR at any stage in your project, given resonable notice, timeframe and scope, within our cooperation agreement

No matter which route you choose, we assure you the very best service, based upon our combined industry experience and capacity

We operate world wide – “we are where you want us to be”

Working together for a safer world

The LR logo is for referral purposed only and LR has no obligations or responsibility for the published content on this page. Our partnership is established and is described in full under the cooperation agreement between ReNuTec Solutions and Lloyd’s Register.

We have skilled engineering staff trained, able, experienced, certified and available to work at heights for different kinds of work, such as inspections or HSE related tasks.

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