Career – opportunities for the entrepreneural engineer

Technical solutions to complex problems triggers you.

You care for the wellbeing of your clients as well as for our planet.

You have an entrepreneural mindset.

You might be a consultant already, or maybe an aspiring one?

Perhaps you have your own small engineering consulting business already- or you’re just one step away from taking the leap to get there. Drop us a few lines about yourself and attach your CV – and maybe it’s our turn to make magic.

We often help our clients through our extensive network of good hardworking people – partnering up together, just to find ourselves in the very centre of events that match or surpass even what our wildest dreams are made of.

We care for our clients by caring for our partners. We find you the best clients. Assuring a good match, this miraculously goes both ways. So, we end up assigning only the best candidates. This somehow works like magic – and when it does, no one can tell which came first. Win-win.

So, do not hesitate to contact ole.bakke[att] or send your CV to info[att]

+46 7 nine 3 32 32 38

+47 nine 01 24 250