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About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean, with 97% of its water contained in the sea

We engineer energy efficient solutions at sea,  providing economic viable solutions for the business case for transport and function at sea over the lifetime of your assets

ReNuTec Solutions - gas turbine

We have the capacity to assist in designing efficient propulsion and drivelines, engineering of different utilities and systems aboard most seagoing vessels

Our engineering capabilities encompass system and detail design such as for instance;

  • Overall concept evaluation
  • Perform concept studies and concept evaluations
  • Tenders, procurement, budgeting, proposals assessment
  • Project management nationally/ internationally
  • Calculations and estimations – related to mechanical engineering, HVAC systems, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, pipe resistance calculations, general sizing and dimensioning of systems and vessels and similar services.
  • Weight and COG estimation
  • Propulsion systems, transmissions and drivelines
  • Gas turbine and gear driveline installations for fast speed vessels, with utilities and exhaust system design
  • Diesel engine installations, exhaust and cooling systems
  • LNG engine installations, safety ventilation, exhaust and cooling systems
  • Rotating equipment
  • Pump, fan and blower systems
  • Deck machinery
  • Drillship equipment
  • Hydraulic systems and pneumatics
  • Load transfer systems
  • Mechanical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic systems
  • Lifting appliances
  • Tank cleaning solutions


We can assist in certification work, such as DNV 2.7-1 certification of equipment modules, -containers or -frames, as well as Safety consulting and risk management projects, such as Fire & Gas, ATEX etc, LNG, Hydrogen etc.

Our consultants may even assist in preparing maintenance programs, manuals and documentation, certification work, CE- marking, ATEX marking, inspection and review of regulatory, standards, and client requirements compliance (see Safety Consulting pages in main menu)



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