For engineering consultancy services, our clients can be large or small industrial players or partners in the engineering consulting business.

Some recent examples of projects, partners and end clients that we have been engaged with over the past few years are;

  • Lloyd’s Register Consulting Energy (Sweden/ Norway)
  • ÅF Industry Norway AS
  • ÅF Industry Sweden AB
  • GE Healthcare AS avd Lindesnes, Norway
  • European Spallation Source ERIC, Sweden

For products and solutions, we serve industries like

  • Renewables, wind power, solar power, H2 production and storage
  • Food and Pharma
  • Chemical Processing
  • Process plants
  • Offshore industries, like Marine, Aquaculture, Oil&Gas, ship design
  • Onshore industries, like pulp and paper

We can suggest and supply solutions directly into projects, or supply delivery of viable products or solutions to B2B distributors. This applies for;

  • Heat exchangers (direct/ indirect/ gas/ liquid/ distilling/ condensing/ pressure/ vacuum duty)
  • Batteries
  • Heat transfer solutions
  • Process plants or systems involving all above, rotating machinery, process reactors, pumps, mass-, fluid- or heat transfer, with fans, piping, valves or other components and various process equipment that work together as a system to accomplish a defined task.

If the solution doesn’t exist yet, we can assist in developing it.