Renewable Energy Solutions

ReNuTec Solutions acknowledge that a sustainable future require sustainable energy solutions

Our present task is therefore simple:

Use less, reuse more, create simple,

low footprint solutions


Todays’ energy distribution will become more decentralized, with distributed on site systems

ReNuTec Solutions Solar Wind Small Turbine

ReNuTec Solutions – Solar Wind Small Turbine


Your house, building, business or production facility will have its own independent system, able to operate completely off grid, partly, or still fully grid connected


Local interconnected grids within a small area or neighbourhood will emerge. Today’s large scale grid will be operated increasingly as smart grids, distributing surplus energy as a marketplace controlling supply and demand, for instance as members within defined communities



For consumers and businesses, this means we will increasingly own our own energy production systems. Your own energy sources can be solar, wind, hydro, or thermal depending on locationReNuTec Solutions - Residential Solar

ReNuTec Solutions – Residential Solar


To operate your system independently, sufficient energy storage capacity becomes crucial

You may have battery storage capacity, thermal storage or hydrogen storage capacity, a combination of these, depending on your system, location and case specifics

ReNuTec Solutions - Tesla

ReNuTec Solutions – Tesla

Possibly, your Electric Car could make up some of your energy storage capacity

The aim of ReNuTec Solutions is to contribute to the realization of these scenarios, on a practical level.

We’ll assist finding the most efficient solution within your budget



We’ll provide individual case studies, as well as equipment and packaged solutions involving:

Solar panels Batteries Inverters Solar_thermal Thermal_energy Hydrogen Fuel_cells Electric_Vehicles Charging_Solutions Wind

Our product range and solutions are aimed at being presented during 2017 and into 2018
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ReNuTec Solutions Wind

ReNuTec Solutions – Wind Turbines


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