Heat Exchangers for your Heating and Cooling applications

We will be happy ANYTIME, to estimate, calculate, offer you -or simply select and procure the best available heat exhanger solution, for your specific application and project.

We have done this on a routinely basis in various engineering applications since 1994.

Our experience within Heat Transfer application span over all typical project phases, such as FEED studies, process plant design and initial estimations, design phase, design & engineering management and procedures, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, regular operation over the lifetime of the installation, inspection, maintenance, cleaning, cleaning and inspection procedures, reconditioning, repair and decommissioning or replacement.

Industries covered include; Food and Pharma, Breweries, Healthcare applications, Marine and Offshore, Automotive, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Oil & Gas, the Renewable energy sector, Chemical Plants, Power plants, Resarch and Infrastructure Facilities to give an indication of areas in which we can help you.

Whether you are a colleague in either industry above or not, you can feel assured that we will take any industry specific requirements very seriously, whether it is PED, ATEX, NORSOK, GMP, FDA controlled environments or any other industry specific equipment regulatory compliance requirements.

Applications may be cooling or heating, distillation or condensation, under atmospheric, pressurized or vacuum conditions.

At ReNuTec Solutions our client has our attention.

We’re always walking that extra mile to find the best solution adapted to the client’s specific challenges and options. Neither are we afraid of asking for assistance if we don’t have all the answers, ensuring that our client always receive the help they need and deserve.

On our part, this means we never stop learning new things, broadening our horizon to the benefit of the clients that we serve, so we can meet the future as partners.